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Everyday cold weather gear

While we love featuring technical gear for all of your favorite winter and cold weather activities, we frankly cover everyday or essential items to keep you warm as well. From socks and footwear to parkas and water resistant jackets (and everything in-between), if it helps keep you warm, it makes our lists.

Technical cold weather gear

What will eventually evolve into skiing, snowboarding and winter hiking technical gear guides, is going to first start with our snowmobile section. This is in part because we know snowmobiling best and basically have to start somewhere. So we’ll cover you from head to toe in the best snowmobile gear known to man & get to the other in due time.

Base layers for cold weather

Luckily for all of us winter lovers, base layers have advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years. What was once hunter socks that would fit an elephant and loose long johns that would do the same, has evolved into form fitting, breathable, sweat-reducing dry-fit gear. Staying warm is much more than layering up, it’s layering up with gear scientifically designed to keep you warm.

everything cold weather gear all in one place

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