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Why Choose Our Wool?


Why Wool?

The average price for a t-shirt on Warbor is just under 2x the average cost of a t-shirt. Beyond that, we typically only have a handful of style options. Yet we are consistently selling out of our most popular items. Why is wool in such high demand? Wool doesn't shrink, it's extremely durable, it's fire resistant, it's odor resistant, and it's insulative properties will keep you warm even when damp.


Why Warbor?

All wool is great, and even a bad wool shirt is better than your typical cotton blend shirt. So why choose Warbor? We have set out to make this an easy choice by building our company around the properties that matter most to us. It starts with our lambs, who are loved, well fed, and roam nearly 100,000 acres. Our products are painstakingly created to last a lifetime and are priced below industry standards.

Hand Spun in the USA.

From Lamb to Warbor



Our lams are sheared every spring. Our average lamb produces about 5lbs of wool per year.



The fleece, once sheared, is graded and sorted. Only the prime wool is used as fabric at Warbor.



The wool is then clean of contaminates, disentangled, and straightened to ready for processing.



Once processed, the wool is then threaded by spinning to create one strand of yarn.



Once processed into yarn, the wool is ready to be threaded into fabric.



Once we have fabric, we can begin finishing. This process includes fulling, crabbing, and decating.

Over 100 Year Old Farm.

Over a Century of Farming the Rockies

Warbor was founded by a family dedicated to proving that a US-based wool producing farm could succeed. Over a century later, they appear to have been right. At it's peak, the Warbor family farm called over 100,000 sheep family. Today that number sits comfortably at around 65,000. That is a considerable number given the water-related issues that have plagued the West over the past decade-plus.

That's Over 100 Generations of Lambs

Every team member that works on the ranch is committed to ensuring that all of our lambs live a life totally free from discomfort. Because of the location of our ranch, our sheep need to be able to cope with weather extremes. Science tells us that in order to do so, they need to be as healthy as possible. We work tirelessly to ensure every sheep is well fed, has plenty of water, and is totally disease free.

Committed to Ethical, Sustainable Farming.

We wouldn't be here today without our sheep or the people and animals that care for them. This is not a fact we take lightly... taking care of our land, animals, family and customers is the only way we will still be here in another 100 years.

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