We are outdoor gear nuts and are on a mission to help consumers navigate proper cold weather gear.

One of the most interesting ‘clothing’ trends in recent years is the continued development of performance clothes and gear. In other words, it’s all about functional clothes and gear. While this certainly extends to heat gear, our main focus at Warbor is cold gear.

Sure, there are plenty of clothing and gear options that will keep you warm. However, in the past and in many cases today, you sacrifice comfort and mobility in order to truly keep warm.

In other words, we’re interested in outdoor cold gear innovation. We’re after meticulously designed warm gear that is lightweight and doesn’t limit your mobility.

Whether it’s the outer shell, insulation or the lining, we constantly on the hunt for the absolute best gear available.

We’ve been avid snowmobilers since a very young age. We’ve used a ton of different types of gear to keep warm in often below zero temperatures. We love the challenge of finding the truly best cold gear and the entire process of testing different combinations.

If all goes well with this project, we’ll most likely expand it into outdoor heat gear as well. Warbor loves gear, what can we say…